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Photo of Wendy in a classroom
Photo by Emyr Jenkins

As a child growing up in Llanelli, I loved spending time in the local library. On Saturday afternoons I’d browse the shelves, searching for books to borrow and lose myself in.

When I was older, I was fortunate enough to work in that same library. It was amazing to be surrounded by so many books on so many different subjects.

Later, when I was a primary school teacher, I enjoyed sharing my favourite stories with the children in my class. And they shared their favourites with me. We made up our own tales too.

I still live in west Wales, and I still love books and making up stories. I hope you enjoy my latest book, Mamgu’s Campervan and the Knights in Shining Armour, as well as Welsh Cakes and Custard, Three Cheers for Wales and St David’s Day is Cancelled – and I hope you like reading about Betsi Wyn, Emyr Rhys and Seren Wen. It was great fun writing about them!

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Three Cheers For Wales by Wendy White