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Photo of Wendy in a classroom
Photo by Emyr Jenkins

As a child growing up in Llanelli, I loved spending time in the local library. On Saturday afternoons I’d browse the shelves, searching for books to borrow and lose myself in.

When I was older, I was fortunate enough to work in that same library. It was amazing to be surrounded by so many books on so many different subjects.

Later, when I was a primary school teacher, I enjoyed sharing my favourite stories with the children in my class. And they shared their favourites with me. We made up our own tales too.

I still live in west Wales, and I still love books and making up stories. I hope you enjoy Welsh Cakes and Custard, Three Cheers for Wales and St David’s Day is Cancelled – and I hope you like reading about Betsi Wyn, Emyr Rhys and Seren Wen. It was great fun writing about them.