St David’s Day is Cancelled

St David’s Day is Cancelled! is illustrated by the fabulous cartoonist, Huw Aaron.

“Seren Wen and her school newspaper team are on a mission. They suspect their headmistress has cancelled St David’s Day and they must find a way to stop her. This witty adventure with a diverse cast will have wide appeal for children. The chatty prose and short chapters peppered with cartoonish illustrations by Huw Aaron are excellent for young readers. A lovely message about friendship, the power of teamwork and being proactive.” As reviewed by Zoe James-Williams

Shortlisted for the Tir nan-Og Award 2018

Welsh Books Council Book of the Month March 2017


Surely, the rumours can’t be true…? Seren Wen and the rest of her school newspaper team are on a mission. Suspicious that Mrs Right,the head teacher, has no plans at all to celebrate Saint David’s Day this year, they set about investigating the situation. But what can Seren Wen and the team do? One thing’s for sure, they have plenty of ideas!

The gang of friends soon form a cunning plan to try and save the annual celebrations with a range of amusing mis-haps and coincidences.

“St David’s Day is Cancelled! is a new inspiring story by popular children’s author, Wendy White. This is Wendy’s third children’s novel.

Illustrated by talented cartoonist, Huw Aaron, the fantastic illustrations alongside this delightful story will appeal to young children and their parents.

Full of mischief and entertainment, this wonderful new adventure with unique characters will capture young reader’s imagination in time for St David’s Day.”

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St David’s Day is Cancelled! is available at your local indie bookshop, from WHSmith and Waterstones, or from Amazon!

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