Welsh Cakes and Custard at Ysgol yr Hendy

Diolch yn fawr to Mrs Kenny for inviting me into Ysgol yr Hendy to share my book. Thank you to Yr 1 & 2, Yr 3 & 4 and Bl 3 & 4 for listening to my stories and for the great acting!

Hendy School / Ysgol yr Hendy - Wendy and actors   Hendy School / Ysgol yr Hendy - Da-cu and Emyr Rhys

Diolch yn fawr to Bl 3 & 4 for being so interested in my book and to the actors who played Nain, Emyr Rhys and Da-cu – you were great!

Here  are Bl 3 & 4’s comments: Hendy School – Thank you Wendy

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