Jacob’s Wonderful Book Review


A big thank you to Jacob and his mum for sending me this lovely review.

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As Jacob explains in his review, I met him (along with his brother, Tomos, and his mum, Sian) at Waterstones in Aberystwyth during half term, and I signed some copies of my books for them. It was lovely to meet them all, and I’m so pleased Jacob enjoyed his book. “I’m glad you found the stories funny, Jacob! And thank you very much for reviewing my book for homework.”

2 thoughts on “Jacob’s Wonderful Book Review

  1. This must have been very sweet information to receive!
    That’s so great you met Jacob, his mom, and his brother, and it’s lovely he enjoyed your stories and let you know about it through his review.

    1. Thanks, Dyane – it was lovely to meet Jacob & his family. I thoroughly enjoy doing bookshop events and it’s a real buzz to get feedback from readers. It was very kind of them to pass it on to me – I thought Jacob’s review was beautifully presented too.

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