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Books for Year 2!

I had a fun time with Year 2 at Ysgol y Castell in Kidwelly today when I took in some copies of ‘St David’s Day is Cancelled’.
We had happy faces…


Then we had shocked and sad faces because St David’s Day is Cancelled!


And next we cheered for Wales.


Thank you to Mrs Pearce for these lovely photos!

Yrs 1 & 2 at Ysgol y Castell Kidwelly

I had a lovely time once again visiting the wonderful Ysgol y Castell in my home town of Kidwelly. I used to be a teacher there and I love going back to see everyone.img_2244

The children in Years 1&2 are exploring festivals and celebrations. They’ve been reading ‘Welsh Cakes and Custard’ as part of their theme. It was great fun answering their questions and they joined in with sound effects as I read a story from ‘Three Cheers for Wales’. They’re very good at making frog and monster noises!


Year 2 also got a sneak peek at my newest book ‘St David’s Day is Cancelled’. I’m looking forward to taking them a copy when it’s published next month.

A big DIOLCH YN FAWR to Ysgol y Castell for inviting me in to school – see you again soon!

World Book Week Celebrations

Ysgol y Castell - March 2016 - 1

I had a fabulous afternoon in Ysgol y Castell, Kidwelly sharing my favourite fairy tales with the Nursery and Reception classes, and Year 1 & Year 2 too.

It’s always lovely to go back to the school where I used to teach, and I really enjoyed meeting the children and all their wonderful teachers and helpers.

Ysgol y Castell - March 2016 - 4And just in case you’re wondering, my favourite fairy tales are:

First, Goldilocks and the Three Bears because Goldilocks is very naughty but she gets a nasty fright in the end and that serves her right, especially as she’s broken Baby Bear’s chair. And I also love the ‘what happened next’ story called Goldilocks and Just the One Bear by Leigh Hodgkinson (published by Nosy Crow). It’s all about grown-up Baby Bear’s trip to the city where he finds grown-up Goldilocks and accidentally gets his own back on her. It’s great!
Ysgol y Castell - March 2016 - 5Second The Tinder Box by Hans Christian Andersen, because it has three dogs in it with very large eyes (one dog has eyes the size of tea cups, another dog has eyes the size of saucers and the last has eyes the size of dinner plates). I enjoy that fairy tale because I like dogs a lot, and I like magic dogs even more!

Ysgol y Castell - March 2016 - 6

“Thank you, Ysgol y Castell, for inviting me in to school to help celebrate World Book Week. I hope to see you all again soon!”

Visiting Year 2 at Ysgol y Castell, Kidwelly

IMG_0199 - Compressed

I went along to Ysgol y Castell to meet Mrs Pearce’s lovely Year 2 class. I took my books ‘Welsh Cakes and Custard’ and ‘Three Cheers for Wales’ and my little felt board too. Elen from Pont Books came with me. She was making a film of me reading a story. It was very exciting!



IMG_0178 - Compressed

Just checking if anyone knew which story has an ice-cream scoop in it. Well done to everyone who knew the answer. (It’s ‘Cawl and Custard for Betsi Wyn’ – she thinks the mashed potato in her soup is ice-cream!)




IMG_0221 - Compressed

Here we all are posing for a photo with Mrs Pearce. We’re cheering for Wales. Some of us are cheering more than others!


IMG_0228 - Compressed




This is Hannah, Dylan and me. I hope you’re both enjoying your ‘Welsh Cakes and Custard’.





IMG_0224 - Compressed

This is Year 2’s wonderful display of work about ‘Welsh Cakes and Custard’. I love the portraits of me. Well done everyone!

Thank you for letting me come into your class Year 2 and Mrs Pearce. I really enjoyed my afternoon. And thank you Miss John for taking the photos.

Here’s the film that Elen made:


Great Year 6 Narrators and Actors!

Thanks to everyone in Year 6 who took part in the ‘Welsh Cakes and Custard’ afternoon at Ysgol y Castell, Kidwelly. It was great fun!

Wendy White with Year 6 Narrators and Actors at Ysgol y Castell, Kidwelly Wendy White with Year 6 Narrators and Actors at Ysgol y Castell, Kidwelly Wendy White with Year 6 Narrators and Actors at Ysgol y Castell, Kidwelly Wendy White with Year 6 Narrators and Actors at Ysgol y Castell, Kidwelly

All the best for your move to secondary school in September!

Wendy White with Year 6 Narrators and Actors at Ysgol y Castell, Kidwelly

“Hi Wendy,

A big thank you for earlier today. We all so enjoyed listening to you and the role-play was great fun, the children will be talking about it for a while I’m sure.”

Amanda Evans, Year 6 teacher.